Further and Higher Education Forum

UK time 11:00 – 12:30 Malawi time 12:00 – 13:30
Location Edinburgh City Chambers and on Zoom

At this Spring FEHE Forum event, we continued the conversation started at the last forum meeting in December 2023 when we began discussing how the SMP can support Malawian academics studying in Scotland as well as the institutions hosting them. This event was open to all SMP members, and potential members, who work in the further and higher education sector.

FEHE Forum Final 1

Missed this meeting? You can find the recording on this page with the below time stamps


00:00 Welcome remarks - Natasha Maluza, SMP Comms & Engagement Officer
01:23 Context and opening comments - Chad Morse, SMP Deputy CEO
02:48 Chair - Dr Yonah Matemba, SMP Trustee and Senior Lecturer at University of West of Scotland and member contributions
59:01 MaSP Interim CEO, Linda Dembo
1:12:24 Last Members’ comments, questions and contributions
1:14:18 Closing remarks - Dr Yonah Matemba
1:15:39 Closing remarks from the SMP - Chad Morse, Deputy Ceo