Covid-19 in Scotland and Malawi (Zoom meeting 6)

The Co-Chair of Malawi’s COVID-19 Presidential Taskforce, Dr John Phuka (presentation available here); Emeritus Professor of Bacteriology at the University of Aberdeen, Professor Hugh Pennington and DFID Malawi’s Deputy Country Director Ms Anthea Kerr joined us, among over 70 participants, in our 6th Covid-19 meeting on Wednesday July 1st.

We received valuable updates from the School of Medicine in Blantyre, from MaSP and a broad spectrum of stakeholders from different regions around Malawi and Scotland with time for open questions. The aim of these sessions (which are summarised and available in full onlinehere) is to respond to expressed needs, facilitate information-sharing, help build up a picture of the lived experience of the virus across geographies and cultures and support a co-ordinated partnership approach between the two nations.

The video of this event is available here.

A written summary available here.

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