Malawi appeals

We are happy to promote the below Covid-19 fundraising appeals, and encourage members and partners to donate generously. We recognise that a number of these appeals may have now been concluded, so we recommend you check with the relevant website first.

Covid-19 relief assistance in Malawi

Malawian Initiative for National Development (MIND), in partnership with Association of Malawians in Scotland (AMS) is calling for financial assistance towards procurement of Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) for frontline workers in Malawi. Find full details here.

Pandemic Pregnancy Crisis

In the shadow of the coronavirus pandemic, another crisis is unfolding in Malawi. With schools closed, people out of work and economic pressure mounting, there has been a sharp rise in early pregnancies. The COVID-19 battle is far from over, but the rise in teenage pregnancy will have repercussions long after the cloud of coronavirus has passed.

EMMS International is partnering with Mulanje Mission Hospital to expand its Teen Pregnancy Programme to meet this urgent and growing need. EMMS International has just launched a crisis appeal to help safeguard childhood, protect health and defend the future for young girls in Malawi. EMMS is also fundraising to improve the hospital's capacity to produce more oxygen for COVID patients, labour and surgery.

  • £13 trains a traditional counsellor to defend girls’ rights through the pandemic and beyond.
  • £40 helps healthcare workers reach one school with potentially life-saving information on sexual health.
  • £105 funds education or vocational training for a girl or a young mother, restoring her hope for the future.

Medic Malawi - Oxygen Cylinder Refills

Desperate appeal for life saving oxygen in Malawi. Oxygen is a critical need for someone who is tackling Covid and is Oxygen dependent. It's £70 to refill an oxygen cylinder in Malawi, with a 3 hr drive to make the refill. Medic Malawi are urgently raising funds to refill cylinders and save lives. Unfortunately patients are dying because there is no oxygen available for them, 3 cylinders per day in some cases are needed.

Friends of The William Stewart Centre, Malawi, Appeal

Friends of The William Stewart Centre, Malawi is the sister charity of supporting vulnerable people in rural Northern Malawi. They are feeding up to 800 children every weekend their only proper meal of the week. Some children are walking up to 20km. They would welcome some support to sustain this project -

You can keep up to date with the latest info from Friends of The William Stewart Centre, Malawi, on Facebook here.

Dunblane Likhubula Covid19 Appeal – Phase 2

2021 marks 16 years of partnership between Dunblane and the villages of Likhubula. This strong partnership is comprised of two established and hardworking committees in Malawi and Scotland.

In Autumn 2020 the Likhubula Committee requested assistance for their local community, initially to set up 86 hand washing stations and supply 3,000 facemasks, targeting the seven villages, 33 churches, the Likhubula Market, chiefs, steering committee and bursars. This was achieved by December 2020, thanks to your support. With tightening restrictions in 2021, a further request has arrived to enable the community to make 3,000 additional masks, so that no child in the area will be refused entry to school because they do not have access to a facemask.

EMMS International: Covid-19 Every Life Matters Appeal

As an experienced international health care charity, SMP Members, EMMS International is well placed to work with their local health partners on the front line in Malawi. Their immediate focus is to make sure their local health workers are as protected and as prepared as they can possibly be for what lies ahead of them. Their partner hospitals in Malawi are currently gathering essential cleaning and protective equipment to keep staff and patients safe. They continue to visit vulnerable palliative care patients in the community.

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) Covid-19 Response and Resilience Fund

This LSTM appeal is looking to raise vital funds that will support Malawi’s health system, enable more cutting-edge research to fight the pandemic and ensure future resilience within the health system. Estimates from their partners at MLW show that 30-70% of patients aged 17-44 presenting to QECH hospital will need oxygen; current provision means that less than 10% could be treated effectively. There are currently only around 25 intensive care beds available for the whole country and PPE is desperately needed along with proper transport for nurses.

Zambesi Mission

SMP Member, Zambesi Mission, is supporting their partner, the Zambezi Evangelical Church (ZEC), which operates five health centres in rural Malawi. ZM is accepting donations to help with providing protective equipment for ZEC’s staff. In the event of a full Malawi lockdown, then they will be trying to help church pastors as they are unlikely to receive any church tithes during that period and may face severe depravation.

Kamuzu Academy Alumni: Appeal for funds for Healthcare Worker PPE in Malawi

SMP member, Prof Bryne Tendelo Ngwenya of the University of Edinburgh has launched an appeal to raise funds for facemasks for healthcare workers in Malawi. Prof Ngwenya is leading the appeal with fellow former students of Kamuzu Academy, Malawi.

Self Help Africa Covid-19 Malawi appeal

In rural Malawi, Self Help Africa are distributing soap, water cans, information leaflets and other equipment to 9,000 vulnerable households, to help them withstand the approaching Coronavirus, but they need further support.

UNICEF Covid-19 Global Response

UNICEF has offices in over 190 countries and territories. With its dual humanitarian and development mandate, and existing regional, country and field presence, UNICEF has a strong comparative advantage in being able to address the scale of needs globally.

Medic to Medic

Medic to Medic (UK charity) are running an emergency appeal fundraising to commission personal protective equipment for their graduate health workers to wear during their pandemic response in Malawi. One of their graduates is already in quarantine in Lilongwe because she was looking after one of the Covid-19 patients who unfortunately passed away last week. The appeal is using a local network of tailors and street vendors for commissioning of scrubs, visors, soap and hand sanitiser and also using the existing suppliers in Blantyre for gloves and masks. Watch their video "COVID on the Breadline" by clicking here

Kerusso Trust

SMP members the Kerusso Trust are fundraising for a COVID-19 awareness training and support. The Trust will fund their partner J-Life Ministries to work with the village Chiefs and other community leaders to set up and operate handwashing stations in strategic village locations, and provide instruction in correct handwashing techniques. They will buy boxes of hand soap, buckets with taps and vehicle fuel to systematically visit all the villages around the J-Life site and will also provide soap, hand sanitizer, gloves and face masks to the remote Chimembe Health Centre which lacks any soap or protective equipment for its clinical staff.

United Nations

The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs is looking to raise $139m for the targeted support of 7.5 million people in Malawi, working with 28 operational partners. Download the full report here.

Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH)

Clinicians at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital (QECH) in Blantyre, Malawi have identified an urgent need for additional resources to enable them to respond to COVID-19. As of 28th July, there were over 200 new cases of the virus each day. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), medication, facilities and funds to recruit additional nurses and medical officers are required. To provide this much needed support to the COVID-19 wards at Queen Elizabeth Central Hospital, donations can be made in the UK through the Chira Fund.

In addition, the specific resources sought are:

Testing kits for COVID-19

Staffing - Resources to recruit more health care workers (for sustainability these can be on an initial 1 year)

  • 24 nurses (20 for QECH and 4 for COM ward)
  • 3 Medical Officers at COM overflow ward


  • n95 Masks
  • Facemasks with non-rebreathable bag
  • Re-usable gowns
  • Surgical gloves
  • Oxygen concentrators
  • Oxygen cylinders with regulators
  • Scrubs
  • Big crocs (sizes 8 -10)

Funds for 3 essential drugs - heparin, insulin and dexamethasone

To discuss providing support, please contact Stuart Brown:

Fisherman’s Rest Chikwawa Oxygen Appeal

Fisherman’s Rest Outreach Malawi is based just outside Blantyre and has strong connections with the local communities there, carrying out projects that aim to lift people out of poverty through increasing standards of education and developing business in the area. The charity has launched an appeal to raise money for Chikwawa District Hospital, to help it serve the district’s 600,000 population.


Dochas Education Trust: Taps for Nsanje

SMP Members, Dochas Education Trust, have an appeal to fundraise for their partner community in Nsanje to access clean water, with buckets, soap and locally produced face masks.

Scotland Malawi Mental Health Education Project

SMMHEP aims to provide sustainable support for psychiatric teaching for health care professionals in Malawi. Find their Just Giving page here:


The loss of STEKA's income generating programmes because of Covid-19 will badly affect STEKA's ability to raise the funds that the home urgently needs to pay for food, water, essential bills and to secure the future of its residents and other street kids once the Lockdown eases. A STEKAskills appeal ( enables members and schools involved in their Dialogue Project to help STEKA survive these terrible times.

Open Arms Malawi

Open Arms provides essential care for abandoned children and communities in Malawi. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, 2020 saw a 40% drop in funding which continues to threaten Open Arms’ ability to provide medical care, shelter, nourishment, education, and support for their wider communities. Open Arms urgently needs support to continue being able to provide these essential services (

Classrooms for Malawi

With summer trips to Malawi cancelled or postponed due to Covid-19, Classrooms for Malawi are fundraising to help continue their work.

JTS - KASFA Kilombero Rice Farmers

SMP Members Just Trading Scotland (JTS) have set up a crowd funding page to support their partners in Malawi, the KASFA rice farmers in Malawi, to cope with the pandemic in the north of Malawi. Their main need at this time is for simple handwashing facilities and soap.

Jacaranda School

Jacaranda is working to keep Malawian children healthy and safe: distributing masks and soap, ensuring vulnerable families receive porridge flour and food such as beans and maize, and developing a remote education model for our students.

The above fundraising appeals are entirely independent to the Scotland Malawi Partnership and we simply look to signpost to the range of appeals we know about.