Practical Advice and Support

Our office is always open (well, Monday to Friday!) to enquiries relating to any aspect of Scotland's work with Malawi. We help answer more than 2,000 enquiries and requests for support each year, from members, the media, our governments, and the general public.

Although we only have very limited staffing capacity, we always try to respond to enquiries as quickly and fully as possible. Wherever possible we're always happy to meet up face-to-face to discuss enquiries and chat through how we can help.

We're a friendly bunch, why not get in contact.

Here's just a taster of some of what we offer...

Partnership Principles

People often ask us what we mean by "dignified two-way partnerships". To be able to answer this, over the last four years we've been asking hundreds and hundreds of Malawians and Scots what are the real 'Partnership Principles' which underpin the relationship between our two nations. We can help you and your partner in Malawi explore these principles and use them to help strengthen your links. Visit the Partnership Principles page for more information.


We have increasing stocks of equipment we're happy to share with our members, including Scottish and Malawian flags, bunting, and all sorts of other promotional material. All of this can be borrowed for free by members.


We recognise it's getting harder and harder to secure visas for our partners in Malawi to visit the UK. We're hugely embarrassed by the treatment our friends in Malawi who we invite to Scotland receive when trying to get a visa and we actively lobby the UK Government to have a more enlightened attitude towards the many benefits of international visitors - or even to just have a visa application system that actually works!

We have good links with the UK visa issuing office in Pretoria, where applications for UK visas from Malawi are now handled, and can offer real support for our members' UK visa applications. We can vouch for our members' work and the authenticity of their visa applications. Just please contact us as early as possible.

Email the office for more information on how we can help. 

Video conferencing

We are working with our partners in Malawi, the Malawi Scotland Partnership (MaSP), to develop new ICT systems which will allow us to better integrate our member activities and forums through two-way video conferencing. MaSP already have Communication and Resource Centres in Blantyre and Mzuzu, where members can use the internet to Skype and email Scotland free of charge.

Email the office if this is of interest to you and your partner in Malawi.