Member Forums


Our forums are a great way for us to give advice or, better, support the sharing of advice and experience between our members. Whether you're a youth member, or have been working in international development for many years there is much you can offer and hopefully learn in turn.

Ours isn't a competitive or closed network: members are always happy to chat through their experience - what worked and what didn't work - and ensure others benefit from their learning.

At present we have five member forums, on:

• primary and secondary education; 
• further and higher education; 
• business, investment, trade and tourism; 
• governance; 
• health links.

We're always alert and responsive to new areas where there's interest from the membership in establishing a new forum, just let us know.

The forums are member-driven, open and transparent. All forum meetings are open to all Scotland Malawi Partnership members, as well as key external stakeholders.

For information on upcoming forums visit Our Events page.