Advocacy and Lobbying

Having a network bringing together all the civil society links between Scotland and Malawi gives us powerful voice and significant influence. The Partnership's office works to represent its' members work week in week out across Scotland, Malawi, and the globe.


Through close working with the local, Scottish, UK-wide, and Malawian media, we're able to raise awareness amongst the general public of the mutually beneficial links between Scotland and Malawi, and our members' work. We provide our members with advice and support on how to attract favourable media coverage for their work, and we ourselves issue media releases attracting coverage online, in the printed media, on TV and on radio.

Each year we develop and support more than a hundred positive pieces in the media (TV, radio, print and web). 

Contact us for more information on this.


Each year our members feed into the development of our advocacy and lobbying strategy which, in turn, directs our agenda with the Scottish, Malawian and UK governments. We are a well-respected and influential partner of all three governments and are regularly consulted on policy relating to Scotland-Malawi connections. We have an enviable record of influencing decision making, having helped develop sustainable, informed and well worked public policy.

We facilitate the Malawi Cross Party Group in the Scottish Parliament and support the Malawi and Zambia All-Party Parliamentary Group in the UK Parliament.  We work to ensure that Scotland's links with Malawi continue to enjoy unambiguous cross party political support in Scotland.  We also have excellent relationships with each of the relevant Ministers in the Scottish and UK Government and are indebted to the support and encouragement we receive from both governments.


In keeping with our core values:

  • We are entirely non-governmental and politically neutral, and emphasise this whenever undertaking advocacy and lobbying activities;
  • We are a member-led organisation, so we always consult our members in the development of our advocacy strategy;
  • We will always be as transparent as possible, publishing and making freely available online our advocacy strategy. We review and report progress against this strategy to our members on an annual basis.

For more information on lobbying and advocacy work contact our Chief Executive.