What We Do

Day in, day out, the Scotland Malawi Partnership is busy...

...Connecting: Supporting our members to build connections with each other and with key external partners and stakeholders.

...Informing: Disseminating information about Malawi, the Scotland-Malawi relationship and our members’ work.

...Advising: Responding to thousands of enquiries each year from our members, our partners and the general public.

...Supporting: Giving really practical, meaningful support to assist our members' work with Malawi: for example, helping to facilitate UK visas for partners visiting Scotland.

...Developing: Assisting the growth of new work in key strategic priority areas - like business, investment, trade and tourism - and helping to maximise the impact of our members’ work in these areas.

...Representing: We’re proud of what our members do and achieve, so we like to shout about it! That's why we develop and support hundreds of positive media stories each year, on TV, radio, print and online.

...Influencing: Listening to our members' priorities and concerns, and then representing these directly at the highest levels with the governments and parliaments of Scotland, Malawi and the UK.

Read more below on the work of the Scotland Malawi Partnership and how we can support your partnership with Malawi.