Our Impact

We're really proud of what we achieve, together, as a network.

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In April 2018 the University of Edinburgh undertook research to assess the scale and impact of our work.

They found that: 

  • Members of the SMP represent a community of more than 109,000 Scots and 208,000 Malawians, working actively in partnership together each year.
  • SMP members contribute more than £49 million of activity to their links with Malawi each year.
  • The work done by members of the SMP benefits BOTH Malawi and Scotland. Each year more than 304,000 Scots and 8.5 million Malawians benefit from this activity.




109,000 SCOTS & 208,000 malawians involved.png

109,000 SCOTS & 208,000 malawians involved-2.png

109,000 SCOTS & 208,000 malawians involved-3.png

109,000 SCOTS & 208,000 malawians involved-5.png

109,000 SCOTS & 208,000 malawians involved-4.png



In May 2018 the SMP commissioned new research which interviewed 449 randomly selected Scots:

It found that:

  • 44% of Scots personally know someone actively involved in a link with Malawi;

  • 77% of Scots are in favour of links with Malawi 



44% of scots know someone with a malawi link.png

77% of scots in favour of malawi links.png