Anita Brown

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Areas of partnership
Primary and Secondary Education, Sport, Water


Scottish local authority
North Lanarkshire Council

Districts in Malawi

I am looking to set up a small action group based in Lanarkshire to help young woman in Malawi with the aim of educaitong them in the education of personal life skills as well as other social skills they may be lacking, all made up of strong woman in Lanarkshire whom can provide specific skills and knowledge for this group and help raise funds on an ongoing basis annually by carrying out fundraising activities throughout the year, but also to create a programme that can be taken to Malawi with the Lord Provost of North Lanarkhire retreat each year to teach young woman important aspects of their lives they are desperately missing.

M vision for this group is to bring a variety of skills and expertise together to enhance the lives of these young women.

I am just starting off with the group and have some great woman already on board from backgrounds in sport, disability education, national curriculum and Scottish politics.

I also plan to visit Blantyre in October this year to see firsthand how and where the skills of this group could be best utilised and be of benefit to these young women.

Location in Scotland

Location in Malawi