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Xchange Scotland is a Scottish youth-led charity developed by returned Scottish volunteers committed to making positive change in society.Primarily Xchange Scotland sends and receives international volunteers, alongside engaging with local volunteers and other community groups to build and change communities around the world and around the corner.As a member of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations Xchange is part of a network which offers young people the opportunity to volunteer on over 2000 different volunteer projects around the world each year. Through the Alliance, Xchange is also affiliated with the Coordinating Committee of International Voluntary Services (CCIVS). To date Xchange has only sent one volunteer to Malawi, however are now looking into developing stronger links with our Malawian Partners the Active Youth Initiative for Social Enhancement (AYISE), based in Blantyre. ,,Xchange are currently recruiting a team of young people to work with AYISE for 4 weeks in summer 2015. The project will see volunteers focus on sustainable agriculture in both urban and rural areas, working alongside Malawian young people.Alongside this Xchange are currently pursing ways of supporting best practice and enhancement of learning with volunteers between Scotland and Malawi, drawing on the organisations extensive expertise in youth work, non-formal education and delivering training sessions to prospective volunteers.,,Xchange Scotland is built on the principles of mutual respect and mutual understanding, and believes that international development relationships should be about sharing learning through a true partnership model.

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