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North Lanarkshire Council

Following a visit to Malawi last summer, our Parish Priest and the Parish Priest of Namulenga, where he was based decided to set up a partnership between both parishes and their local schools. The response from both communities has been overwhelmingly positive, partnership teams have been set up and have agreed the following broad categories under which they will operate.,Prayer: to promote spiritual partnership & sharing of religious traditions. As music is a major feature of worship in both communities, we plan to share & exchange recordings of our music and hope to fund a visit to Scotland by members of the Namulenga choir.,Education: to promote shared learning through active links between our local schools. Here, our parish primary and our local secondary are actively involved and two local nurseries have expressed interest in becoming involved.,Fundraising: to support the development challenges facing the Namulenga community based on their own locally identified needs. Our initial project is funding a container of goods to Namulenga.,Raising Awareness: currently through our parish bulletin, displays, parish website & parish Facebook page, promoting the cultural traditions of both countries and their shared history.,Developing Partnership: focus on partnership that is respectful not dependent & will enrich both communities; over time facilitating exchange visits between both communities. Namulenga Parish Priest will visit this summer; proposed visit to Malawi by a small group from St. Bernadettes in the autumn. In all initiatives we have a clear focus on making this a sustainable partnership.,

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