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Haemophilia Scotland is a registered charity based in Scotland for people who have,haemophilia, von Willebrands and other bleeding disorders. We are an organisation,for anyone who has these blood-related conditions so we can talk to each other; and,we provide a united representative voice when speaking with the medical profession,,with government, with the rest of Scottish society, and when connecting with people,like us throughout the world.,Our Mission is to support, inform and advocate on behalf of all people in Scotland,with haemophilia, von Willebrands and other bleeding disorders. Our Mission,involves securing the most effective services and safe treatments by bringing together,patients, and working with health service providers, suppliers and policy-makers so,that peoples quality of life is as good as it can be.,75 of the worlds bleeding disorder community have little or no treatment at all,,one of our objectives is to work internationally to Close the Gap between developed,and developing countries. On a recent fact finding trip to Malawi, we helped set up,an Association for people with bleeding disorders in Malawi and intend working in,partnership with them to set up a service for haemophilia and other bleeding,disorders.,The incidence of haemophilia & other bleeding disorders is the same throughout the,world, but there is no register of people with these conditions in Malawi. It goes,undiagnosed and misdiagnosed by health professionals, whose interventions often,lead to a painful early death, or disability.

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