Mindy Panulo

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Areas of partnership
Environment and Energy, Further and Higher Education, Health, Primary and Secondary Education, Water


Scottish local authority
Glasgow City Council

Districts in Malawi

Partner organisation in Malawi
The university of Malawi, The Polytechinc-WASHTED Centre
(Organisation is a member of MaSP)

Number of people involved in Scotland

Number of people who benefit in Scotland

In order for students to fully contribute to the development of Malawi, they need hands-on experience on top of the theory they gain in classes. My partnership has developed an opportunity for Malawian students (who are willing) to gain hands-on experience in their areas of study while studying in Scotland.

I would like to work with the partnership towards further and higher education by mentoring other Malawian students who wish to study in Scotland and to ensure those that are studying in Scotland gain hands-on experience in their fields of study. In this regard, I am the point of contact for a group of Malawian students who wish to gain hands-on experience while studying in Scotland.
I am also interested in community health research especially water, sanitation and hygiene projects. My aim is to help improve access to improved water, sanitation and health for the less privileged communities in Malawi.

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