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General interest, Sustainable Economic Development, Trade, Agriculture & Food Security


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Stirling Council

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People of the Sun.
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Wool-n-Wood is the 'drop in the ocean' whose aim is to help provide a sustainable income for three small groups of artisans in Malawi. The Bangwe carvers are supported by People of the Sun and the Kibebe artisans by There is Hope, Malawi and we trade with both these groups. Mr Stanley, our independant carver is supported directly by us and we know it helps him look after his family. We think we achieve our aim well.

It seemed about time to update my profile, something we members are encouraged to do but don’t always follow through!
However as I am now retired I have no excuse even though I don’t seem to have any more time!
I ‘was’ a community nurse/health visitor who made three trips to Malawi , working with children at Open Arms, Blantyre and also with COBT in Lilongwe.
I still run a small social enterprise called Wool-n-Wood which aims to bring together the natural resources of Scotland and Malawi through craft. I started making Bags , knitted and felted , lined with African chitenji fabric and embellished with wooden buttons, hand carved in Malawi. I am now concentrating my efforts into developing the trade side of the organisation and bringing craft goods made in Malawi , here to Scotland for resale.
Over the last few years I have endeavoured to work with artisan groups in Malawi to produce items that would sell here in the UK. We continue to work with People if the Sun who produce the knitting needles and independent artisans who make the buttons . I am now concentrating on taking these goods to Wool events and any Malawi events where they are of interest such as Lakemof Stars , Glasgow and the Aberdeen Yarnfest...both very successful.
We still like to support our independant carver, Mr Stanley, where it all began with lovely buttons being made to order. We would be lost without our unique baobab trees and elephants.
The SMP continue to support and an ex employee now in Malawi is helping us at the Blantyre end (Keith Bohannon nad his lovely wife Rachael)
This year I have produced some gift cards from some original textile artwork using chitengi fabric. If any NGO’s would like this for their organisations they can be custom printed with your own message or left blank as they are at present. (See picture gallery)

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