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Daisy Belfield Santos

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Culture, Environment and Energy, Further and Higher Education, Gender, Governance, Health, Primary and Secondary Education, Sustainable Economic Development, Trade, Agriculture & Food Security, Youth


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Satemwa Tea Estate
(Organisation is a member of MaSP)

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Since we completed pilot phase in 2018, Rare Charity has seen our first 2 graduates Osman and Wongani return to their Satemwa Community. Osman has been offered a position in management and was recently promoted to Satemwa's Factory Quality Manager. He says: “I have learnt to recognise myself as one of the persons who bring success and change for the better”. Both Wongani and Osman are role models and talk in local schools to encourage young people to continue with their education. You can learn more about their successes on our website. As our current scholars graduate across disciplines we anticipate the emergence of a cohort of qualified professionals in the Satemwa community - from agriculture to midwifery to medicine to accounting.

Rare Charity provides educational opportunities for people within tea communities.

The people working in tea represent some of the most marginalised communities in many of the world’s poorest countries.

Rare Charity’s mission is to equip talented and ambitious individuals to transform their community in their own ways and on their own terms.

We currently operate in the Satemwa community in Malawi, Africa. We believe that the route to long-lasting and sustainable change lies in the emergence of a cohort of qualified national professionals, ready to make real changes in their chosen industries.

This is why we fund tertiary educational scholarships, and are rolling out secondary scholarships for girls.

We believe that by concentrating our scholarships in a tight community, surrounding a specific industry, we can enable the most effective and concentrated route towards lasting change.

Rare Charity is small and nimble, with extensive knowledge of the community we work in. Unlike many larger charities, we are led by our scholars and their ambitions. We understand that they are people, not statistics, and it is them, not us, who can implement meaningful change in their communities

Our scholars know what their country needs. They have chosen their courses with a mission. Every one of our scholars has a story behind their ambition, and a deep desire to make a real difference in their community.

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