Further and Higher Education

When Malawi became independent in 1964 there was not a single university in the country. Now there are a number of public and private universities, and many of them are linked to universities and colleges in Scotland.

Today, every single Scottish university has active links with Malawi. These links are built on the shared values of cooperation, mutual respect and collaboration.

These partnerships promote economic and social development; facilitate the sharing of knowledge, experience and expertise; and make a valuable contribution towards poverty alleviation.

To learn more about all the further and higher education links connecting our two nations, view the Further and Higher Education Directory.

Further and Higher Education Forum

The SMP hosts a Further and Higher Education Forum which meets two to four times a year, bringing together all the key colleges, universities and stakeholders engaged in FE/HE, linking and connecting with our partners in Malawi and the governments of Malawi, Scotland and the UK. All our welcome to be a part of this forum.