#COP26Voices Youth & Schools Activity

Give your class or youth group a voice in the climate debate through SMP’s #COP26Voices!

Give your class or youth group a voice in the climate debate through SMP’s #COP26Voices!

Since 2020 the SMP has been gradually collecting the voices of 26 young climate leaders and their calls to world leaders at COP26 this November.

We challenged young Malawians and young Scots to record a 1-minute video of themselves sharing their climate priorities: what climate change impacts are they already seeing and what do they want to come out of COP26.

Now it’s your class or group’s turn to contribute their voice!

Suitable for ages 9yrs+

Here’s what to do...


Get your class or group up on their feet and moving along to “Nyengo Isasinthe”, as released by young climate leaders from our sister organisation, The Malawi Scotland Partnership, and renowned Malawian musician Joe Kellz, calling for #ClimateAction in Malawi and worldwide.

Stage 1: Explore


Now Explore the #COP26Voices clips (at the foot of this page) with your class or youth group.

Watch all, or get your group to pick at random!

Stage 2: Discuss


  • What is important to young people in Malawi vs Scotland? Is it similar or different?
  • Do you think we feel the effects of climate change equally?
  • Which clip do you think has the most important call to action and why?
  • What could you personally, or as a group do to help?
  • How could a youth or school partnership help tackle climate change?

Stage 3: Create


Create your own #COP26Voices clips and join the live conversation!

Challenge to speak under 1 minute on:

  • What aspect of climate change do you most want to tackle?
  • What is your call to world leaders?

  • Teacher or youth leader to record simply on a mobile phone, ensuring good audio (close proximity) and lighting
  • Speaking can be done as a group, or as individuals
  • Promote videos throughout your school and wider community using #COP26Voices - Encourage others to take part too!

[Optional] Put your school or youth group’s stamp on the climate debate. Send to SMP to promote your young peoples' calls to action on SMP social media during COP26 and beyond.

Search for and share #Cop26Voices on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the SMP Youth Instagram to show your support.