Support for Malawians attending

We recognise that one of the most useful things Scotland can do, as Glasgow hosts the November 2021 COP26 climate conference, is to offer tangible, useful, practical support for Malawi’s delegates visiting Scotland. This page will be regularly updated and is specifically for Malawians planning to attend COP26.

If there is anything the SMP can do to support Malawians coming to Glasgow for COP26, please contact our CEO, David, directly. We want to do all we can to ensure Malawi receives the same friendly welcome that we receive when we travel to Malawi.

We are keen to emphasise that the SMP has no formal role at COP26 as we are independent of government. On all practical matters we differ to the relevant authorities and those directly organising the Conference.

Below, we have practical advice and information, as we best know it, but we cannot guarantee we always have the latest information and hence we recommend visitors continue to check the official COP26 practical advice for delegates webpage.

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UK Visas

All those travelling to the UK from Malawi must have a UK visa. Information on how to apply for a visa can be found on the UK Government’s website. We understand there are special channels and cost savings for those applying for a UK Visa who are UNFCCC registered.

Time is now extremely short for those who have not yet secured their visa.

If you need support in your UK Visa application please urgently contact us and we will do all we can to help. We have been supporting our members’ partners apply for visas for over 15 years and have been lobbying the UK Government for more than a decade to improve visa application processes, co-authoring a major cross-party parliamentary report.

Quarantine and Covid-19

Malawi is currently a ‘red list’ country and, as such, those traveling from Malawi to Scotland are required to: complete a passenger locator form, take a Covid-19 test, and book a quarantine hotel package (including 2 PCR tests).

Click here
for latest details from the Scottish Government.

We understand that those traveling to attend COP26, if fully vaccinated, can have their quarantine reduced to five days(but it remains ten days if not fully vaccinated).

We are keen to emphasise that:

  • Quarantine hotels must be booked prior to travel and are quite separate to accommodation that might be booked for your actual stay.
  • You must book your quarantine hotel through the central hub.
  • In a statement on the 7th of September the UK Government announced, ' offer from the UK Government to fund the required quarantine hotel stays for registered delegates arriving from red list areas and to vaccinate accredited delegates who would be unable otherwise to get vaccinated.' Find out more here.


There are a large number of accommodation options in Glasgow but they are fast booking up and a risk that remaining rooms in hotels will be at an inflated price.

We understand this is a central hotel booking portal for COP26. We also recommend, AirBnB and the COP26 ‘Human Hotel’.

SCCS Reception, 31 Oct

We are supporting the Stop Climate Chaos Scotland reception in Glasgow, with Glasgow City Council. This will take place on 31st October in the Banqueting Hall of the Glasgow City Chambers, for around 170 international delegates. We are keen that as many Malawians visiting Glasgow as possible receive formal invitations. If you are planning to be in Glasgow for COP26 on the 31st Oct and would like to receive an invite from the Council, please email David asap your name, organisation, title, email and function at COP26.

High-level Scotland-Malawi event


We still hope to have a major event in the first few days of COP26 celebrating the special Scotland-Malawi relationship and helping amplify Malawi’s voice. We hope to be able to invite the President and First Minister of Scotland, if possible. We will have further news in time on this but if you would like to feed in to planning, or be involved, please email David.

Know your way around/ hosting offers

The SMP is proud to be a member of ‘Stop Climate Chaos Scotland’ (SCCS).

The SMP and SCCS want to extend a really warm welcome to Glasgow for anyone travelling to COP. We realise covid presents significant challenges but we are working as hard as we can to create safe, accessible and welcoming spaces hosted by local civil society for people who are coming to COP26.

If you are looking for the best places to eat and visit while in our city, SCCS have created a Green Map for Glasgow(an open-source alternative to google). This has been crowd-sourced by Glaswegians and lists the best in sustainable shops, community-owned or locally-owned sustainable cafes and restaurants, bike shops, community gardens, parks and hidden gems to visit in any spare time. We want you to experience Glasgow as recommended by her people and where you will get a really warm welcome.

SCCS have also set up a network of local people willing to host COP visitors in their homes. This is set up particularly to help those groups struggling to find affordable accommodation, particularly less resourced groups and countries. The link is here:

The SMP can also help connect those traveling from Malawi with its membership in Scotland and Malawians resident in Glasgow. Please contact David.

What’s on? - Climate Fringe

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS) have set up as a place where people can find out about all civil society-led events during COP26 - whether in the blue zone the green zone, and throughout Glasgow in the civil society and community spaces. We are encouraging people to upload their events to the website, but we will also have a team of volunteers populating the website with events to ensure good coverage. The Climate Fringe has been running since May 2020 and has around 150 events a month online, mostly based in Scotland, and most online at present, so please do have a scan and even take part in some of the events to meet the vibrant climate community that exists in Scotland before you come to COP. You can upload your events happening during Cop here.

You can sign up to the SCCS Climate Fringe newsletter to be kept abreast of plans and developments.

We also recommend the COP26 Coalition website which has information about the Global day of Action, the People's Summit and also the Visa support service.

Venue/ exhibiting spaces in Glasgow

SCCS have been gathering community and faith venues in Glasgow to offer facilities for global civil society when they come to COP. We have bookable spaces of all types and sizes for meetings, events, hot desking, exhibitions, studio and rehearsal space. These spaces are available to all civil society organisations coming to Glasgow, however they have a priority booking scheme for those travelling from global south countries, or for under-resourced groups and those coming from the front-line of the climate crisis. All information is here:

SCCS are also aware that many groups, often those from places most affected by the climate crisis, will find it hard to travel to Scotland due to the covid situation and also visas and expense. They have had this in mind and are negotiating the use of shop-front space across Glasgow that we can use to exhibit banners, art and other messages from global civil society to world leaders at COP26. If there are groups interested in sending over items for these spaces please contact us here:

Exhibiting equipment

The SMP has previously been asked to source exhibiting equipment for those travelling from Malawi, for use at COP26. We are happy to do this and endeavour to source for free whatever equipment is required but we need the technical details of this as early as possible. It is unlikely last minute requests will be able to be met.