Holyrood Cross Party Group

The Scotland Malawi Partnership is non-governmental and politically neutral but we think to best support Scotland’s links with Malawi it is important to meaningfully engage all three governments and parliaments (Scottish, UK and Malawian).

For this reason, the SMP established and has provided the Secretariat for the Scottish Parliament’s Malawi Cross Party Group (CPG), just as we do for the UK Parliament’s Malawi All-Party Group (APPG).

Holyrood’s Malawi CPG is one of the oldest, most active and best supported such groups in the parliament.

It exists to keep Malawi on the agenda in the Scottish Parliament. The Group has regular meetings through the year, all publicly advertised by the SMP, to which anyone is welcome to attend, for MSPs to be briefed by experts in this area, visiting Malawians and those in the Malawi diaspora community. It works to maintain the remarkable all-party political support that exists across all 129 MSPs for Scotland’s links with Malawi.

The SMP, in its own capacity and as Secretary of this CPG, works to help connect its members with their local MSPs.

SMP members can be found in every single Holyrood Constituency – Read our detailed MSP Briefing report here.

Through Holyrood elections all CPGs are disbanded and then re-constituted in the new parliamentary session and every year the CPG has an AGM to elect convenors, co-convenors and position-holders to lead the group.

Learn more about the Malawi CPG here

Email Stuart if you would like to learn more or become involved.

You can find upcoming and past CPG meetings listed on our Upcoming and Past Event pages.