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Our mantra is ‘umodzi’ (unity) and our diverse board of trustees including Malawians, Scots and Malawian diaspora unite communities and young people to realise Godknows Maseko’s vision of securing positive futures for marginalised Malawians through a Centre for Vocational Skills & Community Enterprise. Partners, such as Queen Margaret University, develop future sustainability by helping educate young Malawians to lead our projects & the university’s expertise in Dialogue is used to build a social enterprise allowing them to develop quality employment and earn profits to support the Centre whilst inspiring Scottish school pupils to unite with them to ‘change the world’. Our website gives more detail about our purpose... showing that we involve Scottish (or any other associated) communities (particularly young adults or organisations such as schools, churches, clubs) in connecting with their contemporaries in Malawi to: (1) Develop and sustain a STEKA Centre for Vocational Skills and Community Enterprise, enabling it to reach more homeless and vulnerable young people in Malawi who would otherwise be faced with lives in poverty; encouraging their social participation, getting their voices heard, giving them life skills and vocational skills to help them secure sustainable futures. (2) Understand the UN's Global Goals for sustainable development and help realise the power of volunteering which the United Nations deems essential to the achievement of the Global Goals to "facilitate changes in mind-sets by raising awareness or championing those changes and inspiring others".

We are building a Centre for Vocational Skills in Malawi & educating young Malawians to sustain it;. Our Dialogue groups (co-produced with residents of the Malawian STEKA children's home) are involving Scottish school pupils in understanding things like resilience & inequality & inspiring them to unite to 'change the world'. Umodzi !

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