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Malawi Fruits

Malawi Fruits is a Scottish ngo which focusses on sustainable economic development as a means of creating long-term change for small-scale farmers in Malawi. We use social enterprise models as a means of initiating and operating commercial operations in crop growing and processing in Northern Malawi. All operations are on a not-for-profit basis. Malawi Fruits provides training and support to local farmers and community enterprises and through our innovative rent-to-own model, we provide Polytunnels and solar-powered irrigation pumps on an affordable basis. These productive assets give the farmers the potential to gain a year-round income and provide resilience in the face of the challenges of climate change. For farmers, this increased household income can then be used for school fees, health care, home improvements and further business development. Our work in Malawi is delivered through our social enterprise partner Modern Farming Technologies (MFT). The farmers contract with MFT Ltd for the supply of the equipment which means this is a dignified, business to business transaction, rather than a handout. This gives dignity to the farmer and sustainability to MFT since farmers pay for the assets over time, using the proceeds from their much increased crop sales.

Together, we are providing the training and tools which enable farmers to gain an income in the long term. Through our innovative rent-to-own model, farmers can get Polytunnels and solar-powered irrigation pumps on an affordable basis. These assets give the potential for a long-term year-round income.

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Modern Farming Technologies (MFT)

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