Kenneth Undi

Kenneth Undi

I am a Malawi citizen and have done my studies in Malawi. Since my primary school in Dedza Malawi, I have been interested in Scotland because of constant visitors from Scotland to my local primary school.
This boosted my love for Scotland and I have always wanted to visit the country.

In 2008, a team from Edinburg visited our school again and my parents were connected with one couple and they continued to keep in touch till now. I was honored to be invited to come to Scotland after graduating from university in 2019 and I stayed in Edinburg for six months.
Upon arrival in Scotland, I was also offered to work with Scotland Malawi Partnership office as a volunteer and it was the best time of my stay in Scotland.

My Partnership have created a long lasting friendship and connections with Scottish friends and families. When I came back to Malawi end of 2019, I was happy to see all the different organizations working in Malawi from Scotland. I do charity works in Lilongwe Malawi myself and mostly I get help from different friends I have in Scotland and this helps to reach out to many people in Malawi to to benefit from this relationship.

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Nyenyezi Ministry

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