Justin Mayambo Malewezi

Justin Mayambo Malewezi


I remember the precious moments, when I was a child, sitting around the fire with my siblings, dad would tell us Nthano stories, which he wrote himself.

I am now writing, illustrating and publish these stories so that they can be enjoyed by children all over the world. The stories are aimed at sharing the Malawian culture and traditional life. It is my hope that aspects of such life can be incorporated into modern life and other cultures. I hope you will enjoy the stories.

In terms of impact, below are quotes from parents:

“It was so easy for kids to pick up the words and say them. I just did little corrections on how to pronounce the words, but they enjoyed reading the stories. Wish there was more”

“Great book kids love it; I love it too. Can relate to everyday things we see.”

“Very clear and simple instructions on how to read speak Chichewa. The stories are great fun too. My daughter is loving her book!”

“Awesome book. My child thoroughly enjoyed it and we are hoping this grows into a series”

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