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Improving education in Malawi and Glasgow - focusing on professional learning for teachers and library and literacy development in the Blantyre area. We have been working in urban and rural schools and in partnership with the South West Education Department since 2011. Our project also helps to support a small number of vulnerable female learners sustain their secondary education with annual sponsorship. Our Vision and Mission Statement are: To improve education in Malawi and Glasgow We will achieve this through continued strong partnership working between Education Services in Glasgow City Council and Blantyre Urban and Blantyre Rural Districts. We will focus on improving learning and teaching through providing increased professional development opportunities for teachers, headteachers, primary education advisers and locally-based inspectors. Our goals will be: To deliver professional learning on • leadership to every primary headteacher in Blantyre Urban and Rural Districts; and • learning and teaching and effective use of a library to teachers from every primary school in Blantyre Urban and Rural Districts. There are currently 220 primary schools meeting the needs of more than 300,000 learners in Blantyre Urban and Rural. In Glasgow we have more than 300 education establishments with around 75,000 children and young people in nursery, primary and secondary education. Since 2012 and as part of MLOL we have supported the Malawi Young Leaders of Learning (MYLOL) - secondary age pupils from our schools who embark on a learning journey looking at the impacts of poverty in Glasgow and Malawi and how they can work together to help overcome barriers to a quality education for all and within in their communities. MLOL is very much embedded in our schools as part of our international education curriculum and complementing our global citizenship work. Visit our website for more information.

Glasgow's projects focus principally on health and education, aimed at improving access to modern health facilities and providing IT equipment and software and technical training to teaching and technical staff in schools, colleges and universities, local government staff, as well as medical and administrative staff in hospitals and clinics.

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