Enock Bamusi

Enock Bamusi


Malawian Culture and Language Tutor - Teaching Chichewa (Malawian national language) and Malawian culture to members of the Scotland Malawi Partnership and other people or groups in Scotland with interest in Malawi. This also requires me to prepare and develop the language and culture materials (Power-point presentations, leaflets, booklets, hand-outs, etc) used in the classes or given out. Administrator and Treasurer for the Association of Malawians in Scotland (AMS)- I am an active member of the executive committee of the Association of Malawians in Scotland (AMS), a registered charity in Scotland which exists to serve the interests of Malawians living in Scotland. I look at all the administrative and financial aspects of the Association. "Promoter" of Malawi - As a Malawian in diaspora, I actively promote and recommend my country as a place to visit, work and even stay due to its beauty, peacefulness, and lovely and friendly people to people in Scotland wishing or planning to travel to Malawi.

The various groups from Scotland I teach the Malawian language and culture each year have come back from Malawi describing how my lessons and sessions have helped them to communicate with the Malawian people they interact with while in the country, and to live among them comfortably having learnt some of the cultural aspects. Also, as an example, groups from Scotland that travel to Malawi to build or refurbish school classrooms have shared how what I teach them significantly helps them to communicate with the local builders and the wider local communities while working on the classrooms. The school infrastructure / classroom blocks in Malawi will always be seen as having transformed the communities they are in both physically and educationally, leaving a lasting change. The kind of good relationship that is created between the groups from Scotland and the local communities will help to sustain this change, especially as the communities are charged with the responsibility of maintaining the classroom blocks. Just one of many examples to give!

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