Sport has the power to bring people of all ages, genders, and nationalities together; working side by side to achieve their goals.

We support Members’ sporting links with Malawi which are often in football and netball and work to promote Orbis Expeditions’ exciting Sport with a Purpose Challenge which cover a range of sports and are led in Malawi by world-class international athletes.

The Orbis Challenge — Orbis Expeditions (

By encouraging the youth to be involved in sport we can inspire the next generation of future athletes in both countries.

2014 Commonwealth Games

The 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow were a huge success, not only for Scotland, but for Malawi.

Team Malawi's famous netball team, The Malawi Queens, finished

5th in the competition, knocking Scotland’s own national netball team out of

the competition (not that we hold a grudge!).

Malawian cyclists, Missy and Leonard also competed

favourably and made the headlines when local bike shop, Billy Bisland Bikes,

generously donated two racing bikes to the athletes to help them compete in the


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Celebrating team success

During the Games we hosting the "Pop-up Malawi House" to celebrate Team Malawi's involvement in the Games.

We were joined by Unicef Youth Ambassador for Malawi, Monica Dzonzi, members of Malawi's Commonwealth Games team.

View photos from the Pop-up House