2016 Member Awards Church or Community Partnership

The winner of the 2016 SMP Member Award

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Mamie Martin Fund

Mamie Martin Fund


Please describe your Malawi link.

The mission statement of the Mamie Martin Fund is "No girl who has gained a secondary school place should have to forfeit it on account of poverty or hardship".  This mission has ruled everything that the Fund has done over the last 23 years and this work has been carried out with our longstanding partner, the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian Synod of Livingstonia.  The partnership between the representatives of the Mamie Martin Fund in both countries has formally existed for 23 years, and informally for nearly 90 years.  Working together, about 2000 terms of secondary education have been awarded to girls and over £150,000 has been disbursed in Malawi.

How does your partnership advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

The Mamie Martin Fund and its partner in Malawi are committed to Global Goal 5 on Gender Equality. The education of girls is the foundation of all the work undertaken by the Mamie Martin Fund. The education of girls is not only of immeasurable importance to the individual, but to her family and to her wider community.
In the Summer of 2016 the Mamie Martin Fund and the Soko Fund established a partnership which will provide 5 girls a year with the financial means to move from secondary school to tertiary education thus further enhancing the opportunities and chances in life held by these young women.

Which of the SMP’s ‘Partnership Principles’ do you think you excel at?

The Partnership Principle "Respect, trust and mutual understanding" is the one that feels most related to the partnership that exists between the Mamie Martin Fund in Scotland and the Church of Central Africa Persbyterian, Synod of Livingstonia in Malawi.  This partnership has existed in its present form for 23 years, but informally for nearly 90 years.  This longevity would not have been possible without a very strong bond of understanding of what the Mamie Martin Fund's mission is, without a shared commitment to the education of girls and to the improvement of their chances in life and without trust in each other's intentions carrying us through all the changes that have occurred during these years.

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Of course, the SMP isn’t really about competition between members, with winners and losers: we know all our members have an incredible story to tell about how they’re transforming lives through dignified partnership. 

We hope the Member Awards are a fun and engaging way to help members tell their story, and of celebrating the impact all the many people-to-people links are having. 


Dunblane Likhubula Partnership

Dunblane Likhubula Partnership


The partnership originated in Dunblane Cathedral in January 2004. To replace what had been a link with a missionary partner abroad, the church was encouraged to consider establishing a partnership with a village or project in Africa. The church decided to place young people at the heart of the decision making process.  who made the final selection of a community link in Malawi. 

There is a wise Malawian proverb that reads ‘mutu umodzi susenza denga’ - one head cannot raise a roof alone. These words symbolise the importance of partnership, working together and embed equity and equality in their wisdom.  For twelve years, the communities of Dunblane, Scotland and Likhubula, Malawi have endeavoured to work towards the values set out in the proverb to enhance the lives of those living in both countries

St Bernadette's

St Bernadette's

Our faith-based Partnership links the communities of St. Bernadette’s Parish Motherwell with St. Anne’s Parish Namulenga. Our emphasis is on sharing faith, culture & supporting the challenges of poverty through EDUCATION.

PARTNERSHIP is our driving force.

Physically planning together
Agreements signed in English and Chichewe
Relationships - by developing relationships, mutual respect grows
Teamwork - both communities, taking and sharing responsibilities
Nourishment & Nurture, we fund Nursery Feeding, we secured feeding programmes for both primaries – Namulenga mums provide the Nourishment and Nurture
Education Sponsorship, School Partnership, Classroom Refurbishment
Reciprocity – regularly exchanging letters, photos, messages
Sharing Faith/Culture events strengthens sustainability
High Expectations of helping achieve the Global Goals
Inspired by the efforts of both communities to achieve our goals
Partners – Our local schools & communities, SMP, MaSP, CfM, Mary’s Meals – alone we could have achieved a little but in partnership with them we have achieved a whole lot more!