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Just Trading Scotland

Just Trading Scotland

Please describe your Malawi link.

For the past 7 years JTS has enjoyed a strong working partnership with NASFAM and in particular with KASFA a group of smallholder rice farmers from the north of Malawi. In that time the membership of KASFA has ballooned from 2000 to well over 8000 and we’ve seen significant improvements in seed quality, crop production and quality of life indicators for members.

Over the last year our partnership has succeeded in importing 60 MT’s of Kilombero Rice from Malawi, achieving a Great Taste Award, as well as securing contracts with the Co-Operative in Scotland and significant fine food distributors in England. We have a strong belief that the ingenuity and talent that Malawi needs to succeed in the international market already exists, what our partnership is trying to accomplish is finding an effective way to showcase this and give those who support Malawi a chance to buy in and support the country’s economy.

How does your partnership advance the UN Sustainable Development Goals?

Goal 2 - No Hunger

Over 50 % of the people in the world who go to bed hungry are smallholder farmers, If you cannot even grow enough food to feed your family, you cannot sell any produce to generate cash. Therefore the poorer you are the less you can afford to grow.

What we are aiming to do is invest in Smallholder farmers, by improving growing techniques and guaranteeing markets at a fair price

Smallholder farmers already feed over 2 billion people in the world.  If they can increase yields, then they can make a major contribution to world food security and they can do it without seriously damaging the environment.

Which of the SMP’s ‘Partnership Principles’ do you think you excel at?

Sustainability is at the heart of everything we wish to accomplish at JTS. 

Our Partnership with KASFA has had a heavy focus on providing training for all farmers involved. The KASFA Field officers have led training programmes emphasising the importance of using certified seed, taking care of their crops efficiently and storing the reserves of their harvest.

On top of this we helped to establish a rotating seed bank where 20kg of certified seed was handed out to a select group of farmers, and the next year 40kg was returned to KASFA. This will be repeated again year on year, helping to keep the stock of seed pure and making sure as many farmers as possible are able to benefit.

These sort of schemes ensure that the work of our partnership is owned by the local community and can be carried on no matter what.

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Ovenbird Coffee Roasters

Ovenbird Coffee Roasters

We are a small Scottish Independent coffee roastery. We mainly work with African coffee and our mission is to offer a great product to our customers, a unique experience using high quality coffee beans. We found Malawian coffee incredibly fit for our vision. We are very comfortable with the Mzuzu origin which gives us the perfect combination for high quality coffee combined with ethical coffee.  The Mzuzu coffee is perfect for our biggest project: Ageing coffee beans in Scottish Whisky Barrels. The flavours we can achieve with Malawian coffee is truly unique.

Responsible Safari Company

Responsible Safari Company

The Responsible Safari Company is a Social Enterprise Tour Operator based in Malawi. Specialising in Sustainable, Educational, Philanthropic & Experiential Travel, the company provides planning and logistical support for School Expeditions, University Field Trips and Charity Challenges groups.

The company works hand in hand with local communities across Southern Malawi operating a set of field based learning programmes, Global Development Workshops (GDW’s), which provide practical platforms for international students to gain real life experience within rural Malawian communities. Each workshop is tailored around the UN Global Goals and reflect today’s global challenges including Healthcare, Education, Climate Change, Women’s Empowerment, Fair Trade, Sustainable Agriculture and Local Economic Development. 

We are committed to creating sustainable growth through social enterprise, reducing the dependence on the aid industry and driving tourism generated income to rural communities. Our business to business links help local communities build long lasting sustainable solutions and assist in strong economic development.