Tropical Storm Ana hits Malawi

25 January 2022

We urge those that can, to donate and share the following campaigns.

How to support
  1. Mulanje Mission Hospital are welcoming donations here. "We now estimate that an estimated 5000 toilets have collapsed during storm Ana. These need urgent replacement to prevent outbreaks of disease such as typhoid fever and cholera." Read their news piece here.
  2. The Association of Malawians in Scotland have launched an appeal to support children in Southern Malawi effected by Storm Ana. Full detail here - Fundraiser by Association of Malawians in Scotland : Help us rescue Southern Malawi children (
  3. SMP members, The Kerusso Trust have launched an appeal with their Malawian partner J-Life Ministries, to provide blankets, buckets and plastic sheeting for the thousands of people that have been made homeless in the remote hilly area of Blantyre West Rural. Donations can be made through Facebook here, via Stewardship here, or by bank transfer to The Kerusso Trust.
  4. SMP members, Medic Malawi have launched an appeal. Full details here -
  5. SMP members, Link Education are welcoming donations to rebuild some of the Community Learning Centres in the Dedza district which have been severely damaged or complete destroyed. You may donate on their website here, quoting 'Ana' in the message box.
  6. SMP members Zambesi Mission are providing updates on their news page about the impact of Tropical Storm Ana on their partners and how ZM is responding. This includes details about how people can give to support their relief work.
  7. ActionAid Malawi are supporting those effected and are welcoming donations to
    National Bank
    Account Name:
    ActionAid Malawi
  8. Details of how to donate to the Government of Malawi's appeal can be found here.
  9. Roundtable Malawi have launched this appeal (bank details in image), which can also be donated to via this Go Fund Me page -
  10. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies have approved a third Disaster Relief Emergency Fund to assist the Malawi Red Cross Society. Details here.
  11. The Society of Medical Doctors in Malawi have launched the following appeal - They write: "Your funds will go towards getting medical personnel to the affected areas, buying medical equipment and drugs, and helping move food and basic necessities to the people."
  12. The Catholic Development Commission in Malawi have launched this appeal.
  13. Kingdom Impact Grants have launched an appeal to support those in the Chikhwawa region - https://www.kingdomimpacttoday...
Accounts from members/partners:

[Nalikata: Thurs 27th 3pm] SMP member Liz Stewart: "My adopted son Emmanuel Kapungwa reports that 300 families are sheltering in his school in the Nalikata area. The crops are gone taken by the water from Mount Mulanje and the rising Likhubula river. The villages under the mountain off the Phalombe road are as they where in the last floods very badly effected and often forgotten."

[Zomba: Tues 25th 4pm] David Bone phone call to Mlumbe village on the slopes of Zomba mountain: “The amount of rain in the area has caused extensive damage there to some though not many (traditionally constructed) housing, from ingress of water to collapse. Furthermore, in that area, the heavy rain has come too late to save the maize that had been planted and had withered for lack of earlier rain”

[Mulanje: Tues 25th 9am] David Bone contact: “We have a chaotic situation down here in Mulanje with over 500mm in the last 24 hours and still ongoing”

[Zomba: Tues 25th, 3pm]: SMP Board Member and respected journalist, Susan Dalgety, had just arrived back in Malawi as the storm hit. She writes from Zomba… “The storm was relentless from Sunday night, and here in the south the rain has barely let up since. The impact is compounded by power outages. Escom the electricity supplier has switched down some power stations to protect the grid from the worst of the storm as passed and others were damaged by flooding, but the worst impact will be on the people living in the rural areas. The strong winds, heavy rain and flooding have destroyed many, many homes, as well as newly planted maize. The government had a press conference on Monday morning about its disaster relief and their speedy response is encouraging, but those communities affected by the storm will need all they help they can get to recover. It is terrifying to see how fragile human life is in the face of weather emergencies.”

[Chikwawa: Tues 25th 3pm] Phillip Chidawati, Kenyawi Kids (via Caroline Wyllie): “Today of some of the damage caused by flooding due to Storm Ana. The early report from the Chikwawa area is that 4086 hectares of crops belonging to 9,943 households have been washed away. The floods have also damaged the hydro-electric power supply which has caused 90% of the country to be without electricity for two days now.”

Please do email Jade what you are hearing from partners as it helps us, as a community, understand how different areas are affected

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We are grateful to SMP friend, Marumbo Nkhoma and others who have shared the following video clips and images with us from Malawi.