This Malawian eco-tourism lodge is offering internships to students

21 February 2020

Luwawa Forest Lodge, an eco-tourism location in the north mountains of Malawi, is looking for two undergraduates to fill placement spots on the subject of environmental education or outdoor excursions.

Luwawa Forest Lodge in the Viphya Mountains of northern Malawi is offering two supervised placements for final-year undergraduates.

Luwawa Forest Lodge is an eco-tourism establishment specialising in outdoor adventure activities and community development projects. The Lodge has been catering for a wide range of international guests, local residents, schools for the last 20 years.

Alongside its sister organisation, the Luwawa Environmental Trust, the Lodge is offering supervised placements for final-year university students in Scotland, for approximately three to six months.

About the placements

Placement 1

The first placement will work with Luwawa Environmental Trust in the field of environmental education. The applicant should be studying in this field or have a special interest in or understanding of .

The Trust is currently constructing an Environmental Education Centre, due to open this summer. The aim of the placement and Centre is to provide guests and Malawian school children with environmental education and working examples of alternative energies, in the hope of moving away from fossil fuels use and mitigating climate change.

Placement 2

The second placement will work with Luwawa Forest Lodge in the field of outdoor educational activities. The applicant should have an understanding or be studying in this field, with a strong knowledge of canoeing and rock-climbing in particular.

Further information

Both placements will give students the chance to share their knowledge and experience of their fields whilst having the opportunity to work and train with their Malawian counterparts.

The Lodge is able to supply safe, secure accommodation and subsidised meals at the Lodge for approximately three to six months.

Applicants are expected to pay their own return flights to Malawi and have suitable travel insurance.

There is also the opportunity for participants to travel to popular tourist destinations on the weekend, such as the Kasungu National Park, Lake Malawi, and Vwaza March Game Reserve.

The Lodge is situated in a environmentally-protected woodland area, managed by the Lodge, and in close proximity to the beautiful lake known as Luwawa Dam. This stunning area has been very popular with tourists interested in outdoor activities and environmental pursuits such as fishing, canoeing and bird watching.

How to apply

Further information about the placements, questions and application enquiries should be directed to George Wardlow, the Managing Director of Luwawa Forest Enterprises Ltd.

Email: luwawalodge(at)

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