SMP publishes Principles of Good Practice in Scotland-Malawi Covid-19 response

26 May 2020

The Scotland Malawi Partnership is delighted to publish its Principles of Good Practice for Scottish implementing organisations, and Scottish funders, responding to Covid-19.

We hold ourselves accountable to these principles, we encourage and support our members to follow them, and we hope that Scotland-based organisations funding work in Malawi likewise follow this approach.

CLICK HERE to read the principles in full

Covid-19 presents a unique set of challenges for both Scotland and Malawi. The SMP is helping support coordination of effort and the two-way sharing of information and resources between our two nations, as we both respond to this crisis. For full details of the SMP’s work in this area please visit, and read our Covid-19 Response Strategy and Risk Register.

Following requests from members, partners and key stakeholders in Scotland and Malawi, the SMP facilitated an open and inclusive dialogue around the principles of good practice in responding to Covid-19. More than 100 organisations and key individuals took part in discussions around these principles, including SMP members, MaSP members, members of the diaspora, and healthcare experts in Malawi and Scotland.

Having followed this process, the SMP has agreed:

1)Principles of good practice for Scottish implementing organisations, including NGOs, community groups and faith-groups. We hold the SMP accountable to these principles and we strongly encourage all our 1,200+ members across Scotland to follow these principles as they assist their partners in Malawi to respond to Covid-19.

2)Principles of good practice for funders in Scotland. These principles follow established thinking in the sector across the UK and beyond, and we strongly encourage organisations in Scotland which fund work in Malawi, including governments and foundations, to follow these principles. We appreciate it can be an understandably slow process for organisations to sign-up formally to such principles but, in the coming weeks and months we will share information about funders who have chosen to do so and also highlight examples from our members of funders who are following this approach.

Members and funders have already started contacting the SMP expressing their support for these principles and desire to work within them.

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