SMP launches updated Westminster Constituency Mapping Report

09 January 2020

The SMP is delighted to launch a fully updated January 2020 version of its Westminster Constituency Mapping Report.

The SMP is delighted to launch a fully updated January 2020 version of its Westminster Constituency Mapping Report.

The 100-page report has details of the SMP’s 1,225 members, illustrating how every one of Scotland’s 59 Westminster constituencies has multiple SMP members.

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The Scotland Malawi Partnership is politically neutral and non-governmental. However, in order to help coordinate, represent and support our members’ work with Malawi, it is useful to ensure Members of Parliament are well briefed on Malawi activities in their constituencies. Seeing the scale, energy and positive impact of our members’ work in their local constituency, helps inspire Scottish elected representatives to support Scotland’s links with Malawi and get involved.

Feedback from members over a number of years indicates that members find it useful to have their work championed in this way with their local MP and MSPs. Recent editions of these reports have led to more than 80 of our members having their Malawi links championed in Holyrood, the Commons and the Lords.

These reports have also significantly strengthened the all-party support which exists for Scotland’s relationship with Malawi, as has been seen across a number of Parliamentary debates and publications. The constructive synergy between government, parliament and civil society remains a key feature of the Scotland-Malawi friendship.

This updated version of the SMP’s Westminster Constituency Mapping Report has been timed around the December 2019 UK general election, so MPs have this information at the start of this new Parliament. The SMP will again brief all 59 Scottish MPs on members’ work within their constituencies and, where there is interest from MPs, organise direct constituency meetings for local members to come and share more details about their partnership with their MP.

The SMP also publishes a Holyrood Constituency Report which will be fully updated later in 2020, and then again after the 2021 Holyrood election.

If you would like to make any edits to this updated Westminster report, please email david(at)

And if you would like to contact your local MP to help raise the profile of the report, the SMP and your work, please contact David and we would be delighted to support you.