SMP launches Higher and Further Education Directory

17 February 2020

On Friday 14 February 2020, we launched our latest further and higher education directory, outlining the various Malawi-related activities across the FE/HE sector in Scotland.

Scotland and Malawi have a long history of partnership in further and higher education. Many of those engaged in this dignified two-way exchange of learning have been vocal about the usefulness of the Scotland Malawi Partnership’s Directory of Further and Higher Education.

This year, we have had over 40 submissions from universities across Scotland, covering a variety of areas from Health to Renewables to Conservation.

First produced in 2012, this is the third edition of the FE/HE directory produced by the SMP. Due to the continued interest in having all the ongoing FE/HE projects in one central location, we intend to continue to update this directory with new and exciting projects coming from Scotland's higher education institutions.

We encourage anyone working for universities or colleges in Scotland that have a Malawian link to contact us and make a submission to this directory. To make a submission, please email Stuart Brown (stuartb(at) We also welcome any feedback and suggested edits.

Download a copy of the 2020 FE/HE Directory here.

FE/HE Directory here.
FEHE Directory Front Cover 2