Saint Margaret's High in Airdrie plant 3000 saplings in Malawi

04 May 2022
Member Post:

We are delighted to share this update with you from SMP member, Saint Margaret's High:

"Pupils from Saint Margaret's High in Airdrie were delighted when they received a reply from the Vatican after writing to Pope Francis regarding their project, working with Sister Anna Tomassi and the CCC Trust in Malawi, to help reforest and create a pilgrimage site on Nansengwe Hill near Blantyre.

Sister Anna contacted the school last July with the idea and permission was immediately given by Head teacher Mr. Snee.

Funds were raised through the creation of a mural by S3 pupil Mhairi Ewart, and tree, animal and bird illustrations were sponsored by members of the community to fund the project.

So far, over 3000 saplings have been planted and the path to the top created with the Cross placed at the end of the route. A Mass and blessing have also been held.

Saint Margaret's have also pledged to fund the development and maintenance of the Hill for the future."