Recognising Malawi's 60th Anniversary of Independence

04 July 2024

The SMP sends its warmest wishes to all Malawians in Scotland, Malawi and around the world on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Republic of Malawi’s gaining independence. Best regards to Malawians active within the SMP’s and MaSP’s Membership, Board, Staff & Volunteers; to friends within the Association of Malawians in Scotland (AMS); all diaspora groups; Malawians studying and working in Scotland and all engaged in respectful two-way links.

The 6th of July milestone follows the period of 21 days of national mourning for the loss of the former Vice President, the former First Lady and seven fellow passengers tragically killed in a plane crash.

We recognise the enduring challenges faced by many Malawians with extreme weather due to the climate crisis having caused devastation and impacting food security and the great hardship with cost of living and inflation increases. Not underestimating the difficulties, the many people in Scotland, including members of the Malawian diaspora, stand together with friends, relatives and partners in Malawi in dignified solidarity and partnership.

Throughout the year, the SMP, will host, co-host, support and collaborate in a series of events under the banner of Malawi@60, showcasing examples of dignified people-to-people links between our two nations, Malawian leadership and collaboration which is innovative, impactful and sustainable. We welcome all to these events which will be publicised in our newsletter, across social media platforms and on our website as details become available.

The Malawi@60 logo has been created by Malawian Designer, Andrew Sondhi.

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