New Visa Guidelines for Malawi

06 July 2015

The Government of Malawi have now released new visa implementation guidelines for Malawi.

The Malawian government has advised that plans to introduce an entry fee for UK visitors (and nationals of other countries that charge a visa fee for Malawian nationals) will come into action on 1st October 2015, not 1st July as previously advised.

Please see FCO Malawi travel advice for more information. The British High Commission in Lilongwe then published an update from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Scotland Malawi Partnership met with the new Malawi High Commissioner this week to discuss this matter and we are informed that this is not a visa requirement but just an entry fee, and that the fee will be able to be paid on arrival in Malawi, so visitors from Scotland will NOT have to travel to London prior to departure.

The Government of Malawi are finalising details, including in what currency the payment will be made, but confirms the SMP will be informed of all details well before the start date in October.

This arrangement will not exempt any country where Malawians are required to pay visas except for:

a) Nationals from the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) countries, except for those countries that subject Malawians to a Visa within SADC.

b) Nationals from the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) countries, except for those countries that subject Malawians to a Visa within COMESA.

c) Diplomats accredited to Malawi

d) All Diplomatic and Service/Official Passport holders coming for official business, and

e) Other ordinary Passport holders coming on official Government business.

Fees payable from 1st October 2015

Transit valid for 7 days: 50 US Dollars

Single entry valid for 3 months: 75 US Dollars

Multiple entry valid for 6 months: 150 US Dollars

Multiple entry valid for 12 months: 250 US Dollars

Please download the guidelines here for full details

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