New International Development Minister

06 July 2018

Ben Macpherson MSP has been announced as the new Minister for Europe, Migration, and International Development.

During last week's Scottish Government Cabinet reshuffle, Ben Macpherson MSP for Edinburgh Northern and Leith, was named as the new Minister for Europe, Migration and International Development.

We'd like to congratulate Ben Macpherson on his new appointment and we look forward to working closely with him as we continue to help coordinate, represent and support Scotland’s longstanding friendship with Malawi.

Mr Macpherson is a qualified solicitor and has worked previously in a variety of roles, in the private, public and third sectors. He worked as a commercial lawyer before becoming an MSP, and prior to that in renewable energy, financial services and for an international charity.

We look forward to meeting with Mr Macpherson and hope an opportunity arises soon to facilitate a dialogue with our members.

Mr Macpherson succeeded Dr Alasdair Allan in this Ministerial role. We'd like to thank Dr Allan for his support over the last two years and are very grateful for the time and energy that Dr Allan committed to the Malawi relationship, helping ensure this 159 year old relationship continued to grow, develop and strengthen under your watch.

Mr Macpherson will be attending Malawi's Independence celebrations in Glasgow on Saturday 14th July. All members are welcome to join the celebrations and give a warm Malawi welcome to the new Minister.

Ben Mac