New Funding for 2050 Climate Group & Malawi Youth Climate Leaders Project

02 July 2021

The SMP was delighted to see further recognition from First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, MSP and the Scottish Government of the value of the work of the 2050 Climate Group, the Malawi Youth Climate Leaders Project and the Malawi Scotland Partnership (MASP) with the announcement of additional funding of £190,000 "in recognition of the inter-generational impacts of climate change".

We send our congratulations to the 50 Young Malawi Climate Leaders and colleagues at our sister organisation, MaSP and to friends at the 2050 Climate Group for their brilliant Scottish Government-funded work!

Speaking at the Austrian World Summit on July 1st, Ms Sturgeon also said that the world must seize its chance to tackle the climate crisis fairly at COP26 in Glasgow and that:

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One of the great injustices of the climate crisis is that the people and countries who are worst affected are usually those who have done least to cause it. At Glasgow, their needs must be recognised, and their voices must be heard. The Scottish Government is determined to help with that process.

Nicola Sturgeon , First Minister and Leader of the Scottish National Party

As outlined in the SMP’s Malawi at COP26 strategy, we are committed to helping to amplify Malawi’s voice and visibility at COP26 and, in so doing, raise awareness of Scotland’s links with Malawi, support our Members’ work, and support climate justice in Malawi.

Ms Sturgeon also confirmed £100,000 of funding to support the Global Climate Assembly, an initiative which will bring together 100 participants from the global North and South to learn from each other, and to make recommendations which will feed into COP26 discussions.

The Malawi YCLP

The Malawi Youth Climate Leaders Project

The Malawi Youth Climate Leaders Project exists to support the ambition, innovation and passion of young people in Malawi to be the catalysts of change towards a sustainable, low-carbon and climate resilient future and this will be the fourth year of its receiving Scottish Government funding.

The Malawi Youth Climate Leaders often enrich SMP and MaSP events and made valuable contributions to debate in the SMP’s Youth Festival. Opportunities to ‘Meet the Young Climate Leaders’ and webinars on climate justice and climate change can be found on the SMP’s website here.

The 2050 Group

Since 2014, the 2050 Climate Group has been working to empower Scotland’s Young Leaders to lead action on tackling our climate crisis. Their aims are to:

  • Empower Young Leaders to lead and take climate action to create a just and sustainable society
  • Equip Young Leaders with the knowledge, skills and confidence to take climate action
  • Enable Young Leaders to create and access opportunities to influence and be a leading voice for young people on climate change decision-making locally, nationally and globally
Groupof2050 Climate Group Young Leaders