MaSP convene Strand Meetings for MDP round

07 December 2017

MaSP meetings held in support of the Scottish Government's Malawi Development Programme funding round.

Following the Scottish Government’s call for applications for the Malawi Development Programme 2018-2023, the Malawi Scotland Partnership (MaSP) convened strand meetings on health, education, energy and sustainable economic development.

Civic governance was included as a cross cutting priority across all the strands.

For each meeting, the Malawian government’s strand lead outlined strategic priorities and key policy updates to be aware of. For example, at the Health strand meeting, the Ministry of Health articulated strategic priorities for the next five years. Attendees were also reminded that the Health Sector Strategic Priorities (HSSP) II launched on 8th July 2017.

MaSP also presented the criteria for grant applications by Scottish partners. This was followed by a discussion on the opportunities and challenges members have experienced when implementing Scottish Government funded programs.

A summary of each of the four strand meetings can be downloaded here >>

In addition, MaSP held additional cluster meetings in the northern and southern regions in support of the funding round. The application criteria were presented, along with the partnership principles. Members were encouraged to explore joint areas of working and collaboration to strengthen their applications. New plans to encourage district level engagement for members and organisations implementing Scottish Government funded projects were also discussed.

To read more about SMP support across the strands, visit our past events page here >>

Ma SP north cluster