JTS Introduces True Origin

31 May 2023

We are happy to share this member post from JTS about their rebranding and launch of True Origin.

True Origin is the new brand name that JTS are delighted to start using across the current JTS range from May 2023.

The new brand reflects their goal to have true impact at origin. Stressing the fact that they work directly with a network of small-holder farmers and producers in the global south to source the finest ethical foods.

Small-holder farmers and producers are at the heart of True Origin. It’s in their new name, "we’re true to the products’ origin by providing sustainable incomes which enable the farmers and producers to invest in equipment, education, infrastructure and environmental protection." Connection is an important part of their identity and this strong connection to the producers has been built into the brand’s visual language through the use of the TO symbol and pattern.

It starts with award winning long grain rice …

The first product that they will launch in True Origin branding is Kilombero Rice from KASFA in Malawi. This is very fitting, given this product was significant in the founding of JTS in 2009 and our partnership with KASFA has been a core part of our work ever since. Excitingly, the film for the new bags, which is currently in production, is recyclable. This will enhance the environmental credentials of the product which, as many of you will know, was recognised in 2019 as the “Best Buy” by the Ethical Consumer with the non-recyclable bag being one of the few points they marked the product down on. They expect to launch Kilombero rice in True Origin branding in May 2023.

Other products, including the jam and chutney range from Eswatini and Beer Bread from Barrett’s Ridge, will follow as our 2023 purchase orders from these suppliers arrive over the summer/autumn.

For ore information about the rebranding and launch of True Origin, please visit their page.

True Origin Launch Video