Government Funding to help tackle Cholera

31 January 2023
The UK Government is to provide £500,000 towards the Government of Malawi’s response to cholera.

UK Gov says the funds will contribute to the establishment of community oral rehydration points, provision of urgent cholera supplies, strengthening measures to prevent spread of cholera, rapid water testing, and repair and treatment of boreholes. They have also provided technical support to the World Health Organisation (WHO) by deploying a water sanitation expert in Lilongwe.

The Scottish Government has approved that over £236,000 of funds be re-allocated to aid the Malawi Government’s response to the cholera crisis through UNICEF Malawi.

The Scot Gov funding had been allocated in December 2021 as part of funding to UNICEF for Covid and it will instead enable UNICEF to purchase urgently needed supplies that are both relevant for the ongoing Covid-19 response and Cholera outbreak, as requested by officials within Malawi’s Ministry of Health.