Dr Jack Thompson

04 September 2017

We are sad to announce the passing of SMP Board Member Dr Jack Thompson.

Dr Jack Thompson, 1943-2017

Very sadly, SMP Co-Vice Chair Dr Jack Thompson (Jabulani Jere) died on the 10th August 2017 in Edinburgh.

At 11am on the 31st August, two services were held to remember Jack: one in Edinburgh at the Warriston Crematorium, followed by St Andrews and St Georges West, and one in Malawi at Njuyu CCAP Church. Both Scottish and Malawian hymns were sung at both services.

Jack was a life-long friend of Malawi and he is sorely missed in both countries.

He is one of only a handful of non-Malawians who have been given the great honour of having the clan name “Jere” bestowed upon him. He was named Jabulani Jere and thus became associated with the Ngoni royal family. Jack was rightly proud of this honour, choosing to be cremated in his Ngoni clothing.

Further ceremonies will remember and celebrate Jack’s life in the coming months and his ashes will ultimately be laid to rest in Malawi.

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