Digital security in Zoom meetings

12 October 2022

Whether malicious or accidental, we’re aware some in the sector have had security issues with Zoom and hence we have been reviewing our own policies and procedures in recent weeks. We really encourage all members who host events on Zoom or Teams to have clear protocols on how they mitigate security risks and prepare themselves to respond quickly if they have an issue. This is especially important if young people are involved in meetings. There have been sad instances of ‘cyber flashing’.

We are happy to share our own policy with members. We don’t pretend to experts on this but we think it might be useful for, especially smaller organisations, to see the simple and proportionate steps that can be taken to balance security with openness.

It’s not appropriate for us to upload our security processes online (for obvious reasons) but please email if you would like a copy of our protocols or to discuss learning in this area.