Covid-19 member-to-member communications platform launched

03 June 2020
As requested by members, the SMP has established a communications platform members can use for day-to-day discussions and sharing between members and key stakeholders relating to Covid-19.
We will use the communication and project management tool 'Slack' which is an intuitive and easy to use platform.

You can download Slack for your computer or your phone (simply search ‘Slack’ on your device’s app store) or access the browser version. You do not need to pay anything to join or engage the Scotland Malawi Partnership Slack channel.

To get involved and join the group, simply click this link: it should then instruct you from there. If you have any issues, please email Craig on craig(at) In case you need it, the technical name of our Group is

It's easy to control your notifications preferences, so you can choose exactly what you want your phone to bleep about (for example, 'just direct messages to you relating to the PPE discussion'). You can also turn off all notifications.

The Slack group is principally about supporting direct member-member communications relating to Scotland-Malawi Covid-19 work, and helping members connect with key stakeholders in Malawi. All those involved in Malawi's Covid response, and all engaged in the Scotland-Malawi relationship, are welcome to join. This interactive, two-way dialogue will not replace the SMP's online Covid-19 info hub (, which we will continue to update.

Slack allows us to create different 'channels' for different topics. We can add or archive channels based around members' needs and interests. At present wehave seven channels, listed below. When you join the group you automatically join all channels but you can mute or leave all, except for the ‘#covid-19general’ channel. To change notifications, leave or mute a channel on the phone app: click the channel, then the ‘i' in a circle icon (top right) then click ‘notifications’, ‘mute’ or ‘leave’ (at the very bottom). To do this on the computer app: click the channel, then the ‘i' in a circle icon (top right), then the ‘more’ icon with three dots, then click ‘notifications’, ‘mute’ or ‘leave’.

Existing channels:

·#covid19-general - This is the general channel, for posts about things that don't fit into any of the below, or you feel are relevant to all. Unlike all the others, you cannot leave this channel without leaving the Group.

·#advocacy - For news, info and discussion relating to Scotland-Malawi advocacy work: i.e. influencing others, whether NGOs, funders or governments, to support best practice.

·#appeals - For sharing about the various Covid-19 fundraising appeals.

·#faith-based - For sharing about Scotland-Malawi Covid-19 work undertaken by, or relevant to faith-based links.

·#groupvisits - For group visits to Malawi which have been postponed or cancelled.

·#ppe - for discussion around Personal Protective Equipment in Malawi - its use, availability, distribution and production.

·#youth - For sharing around youth and schools work relating to Covid-19, and topics around safeguarding.

Why get involved in this Slack group:

·You can keep up to date on the latest developments relating to Scotland-Malawi Covid-19 support, not waiting for the next Zoom meeting

·You can message others directly, and be messaged by others working in this area

·You can share documents, information and updates

By way of protocol, we encourage people to:

·Keep messages as concise as possible, and avoid sending multiple messages on one topic. Upload documents or link to webpages for the detail

·Consider posts as being in the public domain

·Update your personal profile, choosing what you want others to see. Good to put your organisation and title (if relevant) in the ‘What I do’ section of your profile, and a photo is nice!,

·Keep messages professional, constructive and respectful, and in accordance with the SMP's Partnership Principles (common sense applies!). Those not respectful of these points may be removed from the group.

·Anyone can create new channels but please do this sparingly - only if you are confident there is wider interest in this topic, and keep channel names as brief as possible (spaces are not possible)

Finally, to note that the SMP has only 5.6FTE staff (all currently working from our bedrooms, many with kids running around, etc!) and a significant workload, so we have limited capacity to manage this group. We therefore encourage members and stakeholders to actively engage and help steer the group themselves. We are keen it is principally a member-led tool: by, for and of members. We will work to keep track of discussions where possible, and upload key documents shared on Slack to our website, but please do direct message the relevant SMP staff member if you feel we may have missed something!