Could you support/host the Malawi delegation at COP26?

13 May 2021

As part of our ‘Malawi at COP26’ strategy, the SMP is keen to support and amplify Malawi’s involvement at COP26, the global climate change conference taking part in Glasgow 1-21st November 2021. Too often countries like Malawi have had too quiet a voice at these crucial summits and we’re keen that we do all we can to ensure the Malawi delegation, from government and civic society, are warmly welcomed to Scotland and given every possible opportunity to have their voices heard.

We are working with the Malawi delegation and will likely offer a package of support services for those attending COP26 in person, potentially with members volunteering accommodation, welcoming and hosting facilities.

We are now calling for expressions of interest from the membership to be involved in this work. If you live in/near central Glasgow and could offer accommodation, support or welcoming/hosting facilities, please COMPLETE THIS ONLINE FORM.

Malawi has made a negligible contribution to the global climate crisis but is already feeling some of its wort effects. It is crucial that their voice is heard and the people of Malawi’s interests are well represented.

As the President of Malawi said at our last AGM, let’s use COP26 to hold the Scotland-Malawi relationship up as: “an example to the world of two nations approaching climate change with the sense of urgency, and in the spirit of collaboration, commensurate with the existential threat this truly is.”

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