5 star reviews for The People to People Podcast

26 July 2021
1000+ Downloads and 5 star reviews

With over 1000 Downloads and 5 star reviews, we welcome you to catch up on the excellent People to People Podcast - Find all ten episodes here.

About the Podcast:

We challenged two hugely inspiring women, Hazel and Chimzy, to work together (their own Scotland-Malawi partnership, in microcosm!) to explore the bilateral relationship through dozens of chats with other Malawians and Scots.

Episodes include 'People and Perspective', 'People and Planet', '... Privilege', '... Pandemic' and more.

Their words are theirs: speaking independently of the SMP, exploring the themes how they want to and giving voice to whom they choose. It’s not to be missed: it’ll make you laugh, cry and learn!

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