Youth Festival 2021

15 Mar 2021





Engaging young people across Scotland and Malawi to lead the conversation on Climate Change, and Race and Equality

The 2021 Scotland Malawi Partnership Digital Youth Festival was a week of engaging online events and activities reaching over 250,000 people. The programme was designed by young people, to inspire and support more young people in Scotland and Malawi to engage in our historic partnership. Centering around the key themes of Climate Change, and Race and Equality, the week was provoking, challenging and inspiring.

Events included a range of youth-led webinars, podcasts, competitions and the launch of our brand new Youth Committee-run Instagram @scotmalawiyouth. For schools, we recognised the immense challenges faced this year, and are offering a showcase of commissioned Global Education resources from specialist partners, and teacher training, to use anytime throughout 2021. All schools are welcome to get involved from Scotland and Malawi, whether you have an existing link or not.

Running from 15-19th March, the week was both a celebration of our countries’ relationship, and a deeper look into some of the complex issues that underlie it. 

If you have any questions about the Youth Festival, we welcome you to contact our Youth & Schools Officer, Luisa on luisa(at)


How to get involved

There's still plenty of ways to get involved in the 2021 Youth Festival...

1. Tune In - Listen to 3 podcasts webinars led by young Scottish and Malawian voices on Climate Change, Race & Equality and Climate Justice.

2. Follow - Follow our brand new Youth Committee-led Instagram channel: @scotmalawiyouth

3. Learn & Develop - Downloadable Global Education resources for teachers, youth leaders and educators. Available throughout 2021.

4. Win - Anyone aged 5-24 years, try out a new language or dance and win £100’s of prizes! Closing 25/04/2021.

Tune In

During the 2021 Youth Festival we offered lots of ways to join us live through Facebook Lives and Twitter Take overs. Look back on our social channels for all the content.

SMP Youth Instagram here

Twitter here

Facebook here

Plus, listen/ watch back below to...

  • Youth Committee led Webinars and 'Young Voices on...' podcast series, discussing Climate Change, Race & Equality and Climate Justice...
  • 'Meet the Climate Leaders' Facebook Live sessions 

Youth-Led Podcasts and Webinars

Listen and watch back to three podcasts and three webinars led by young Scottish and Malawian voices on current hot topics…

  • What do young people in Scotland and Malawi think about Race & Equality, Climate Change and Climate Justice?
  • What are their feelings about the future?
  • What do they want to feel empowered to do…

These three dynamic podcasts and three webinars were planned, organised and recorded by members of the Youth Committee Festival Team and friends. They launch an exciting year-long series of podcasts from the Scotland Malawi Partnership as a whole.

Kathy & Chifundo – Climate Change

Highlights video below


“We are at war! The enemy looks stronger, eager to wreak havoc! Have you seen him? Just look into the mirror. The face you see is your greatest adversary. Ironically, it's also the same face that can end this war. How? Simple! Dedication to contribute to  Sustainable Development Goal Number 13… Yes! Urgent action against Climate Change!”

Podcast available on YouTubeSpotifyiTunes and wherever you listen to your podcasts

Watch the full webinar here

Ryan & Josephine – Race & Equality

Highlights video below


“From a range of young perspectives, this webinar will address questions like: How can we promote open dialogue between young people in different contexts? What misconceptions might hinder the potential value of partnership in climate efforts? What does ‘Black Lives Matter’ mean for Malawi’s climate efforts?”

Podcast available on YouTubeSpotifyiTunes and wherever you listen to your podcasts

Watch the full webinar here

Dani Lagus & Friends – Climate Justice

Highlights video below


"Race and Equality are by far topics that bring people from different backgrounds and cultures together, sharing their voices with the aim to reach one goal : Unity.

Join us, Ryan and Josephine (two members of the SMP Youth Festival team) as we discuss some key issues that youth today are facing with regards to the topic. The webinar will capture thoughts from various guest speakers from both Scotland and Malawi so if you’re looking for a chance to hear determined vibrant youth challenge our current day race and equality status quo, join in!"

Podcast available on YouTubeSpotifyiTunes and wherever you listen to your podcasts

Watch the full webinar here

Website banner - Meet the Climate Leaders.png

Meet the Young Climate Leaders in Scotland and Malawi

During the Youth Festival, we heard from nine ambitious young Climate Leaders. Each leader talked about the work and initiatives they are already involved in and discussed ideas for better international cooperation in tackling the climate crisis.  
Young speakers are all part of the 2050 Climate Group in Scotland and Malawi, partnering with our sister office MaSP (Malawi Scotland Partnership).

You can watch all three sessions via the links below:

Kelvin, Memory and Sofia - Watch highlights here and the full recording here

Nia, Gift and Victoria - Watch highlights here and the full recording here

Amiton, Marah and Emily - Watch highlights here and the full recording here


Learn & Develop

Teachers, Youth Leaders & Educators

We understand the last year has been like none other for schools and youth groups in both Scotland and Malawi, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to take part in this year’s Youth Festival in light of the unprecedented challenges of COVID-19.

That’s why we’re featuring a range of engaging member organisations, who have created specially commissioned resources on our key topics of Race & Equality and Climate Change. These can be downloaded and delivered any time that suits you within 2021. The material is suitable for home-learning and the classroom.

All we would ask is that you share the link to colleagues who are not already engaged with the SMP to allow them to see what we have to offer as we strive to engage the Global Citizens of tomorrow.

All resources were released on Day 1 of the Youth Festival, 15th of March, and are available until the end of the year.

If you do happen to find you would like a live workshop, we are able to connect you with your chosen organisation(s) directly to organise this. Please contact our Youth & Schools Officer, Luisa on luisa(at) to be put in touch.


Based on teacher feedback, and the uniquely challenging situation schools are under, we moved from live content to pre-recorded video content, which schools can use whenever and however they wish.  However, if teachers would like a live engagement, they are welcome to contact Luisa on luisa(at) and we can put them in contact with the facilitators and see what is possible.

Should you be inspired to learn more about Global Citizenship through Continuing Professional Development or activities for your class/youth group, we highly recommend the below:


 Teacher development opportunities:


Android Tablet Pritom 10 inch Android 9.0 OS Tablet, 2GB RAM, 32GB ROM, Quad Core Processor, HD IPS Screen, 2.0 Front + 8.0 MP Rear Camera, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Tablet PC(Bla.jpg       Marley Positive Vibration 2 Wireless Bluetooth On Ear Headphones - Recycled Materials, Sustainably Sourced Materials Supporting Global Reforestation, 10 Hour Battery - Denim.jpg    MiFi.jpg

Prizes will be awarded equally to young Scots and Malawians aged 24 years or under, with digital gadgets that support the connection between our countries. There will be a 1st and 2nd prize for each country, for each competition, listed below.

Winners will be judged by SMP staff and SMP Youth Committee members, looking for the most fun and engaging entries who try their very best at the chosen challenge!

>>> 1st Prize for both competitions, in both Scotland and Malawi: Tablet
>>> 2nd Prize in Scotland for both competitions: Marley Positive Vibration 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Sustainably Sourced Materials Supporting Global Reforestation: as pictured
>>> 2nd Prize in Malawi for both competitions: Mifi gadget, as pictured

Gaelic-Chichewa Competition

Ever tried to speak Chichewa, the language spoken in many parts of Malawi? Did you know that in parts of Scotland we can speak a language called Gaelic?

Watch our Youth Committee and friends’ challenge videos on Instagram and give one a try to be in with a chance to win.

Competition closes midnight 25th April 2021.


ScotMalawi Dance Competition

We all know that Malawi is famous for its acrobatic dancers, but can they really do a Scottish Highland fling? Can young people in Scotland even start to match the incredible moves of our friends in Malawi? It’s time for a dance-off!

Watch our Youth Committee and friends’ challenge videos on @scotmalawiyouth Instagram and give one a try to be in with a chance to win.

Competition closes midnight 25th April 2021.



To submit, film your video entry and use one of the options below:

  • DM on Instagram or Twitter to: Scotland Malawi Partnership / @scotlandmalawi
  • Post on your own personal Twitter or Instagram profile and tag us! @scotlandmalawi
  • Use to send direct to Luisa - luisa(at)
  • You must mention your: first name, age and location for your submission to be considered

Competition closes midnight 25th April 2021

All entries should follow our T & C's at the bottom of this page. 



Open to all - Follow now!

We are proud to launch our brand new Scotland Malawi Partnership Youth Instagram channel, run by the Youth Committee showcasing what young people are doing and talking about in both countries today! 


Find the live @scotmalawiyouth Instagram below...






Scotland Malawi Partnership Competition T&Cs

  • Each winner must be 24 years old or under
  • Each winner must be a resident of Scotland or Malawi
  • The prizes are as stated, not redeemable for cash or other products and are not transferable. Each prize can only be claimed by the winner.
  • If the prize package is not claimed by 30th April 2021, it will be re-allocated to the 2nd Prize winner, and another runner-up will receive 2nd Prize and so forth.
  • This Competition is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
  • SMP's decision will be final and binding and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • SMP reserves the right to change, alter or withdraw the competition at any time.
  • SMP will contact winners through the medium of submission. If a child is under 18 years old this will require further email correspondence including a parent in order to claim your prize.
  • Entries must be culturally and socially respectful.
  • Abusive, obscene or offensive entrants will be reported immediately.
  • All media sent to us via WeTransfer will be stored for no more than 6 months by the Scotland Malawi Partnership, and treated securely and confidentially unless you personally otherwise authorise

Acceptance of these terms and conditions is a condition of entry and the entry instructions form part of these terms and conditions. By entering into the competition, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions. The Promoter reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to exclude you from the competition if you do not comply with these terms and conditions.