Young Voices on Climate Justice with Dani Lagus and Friends

18 Mar 2021
Climate Justice.png

For all young people aged 14 years +, students, anyone with an interest in youth opinion

As part of the Scotland Malawi Partnership's Youth Festival 2021, Youth Committee member Dani hosted a webinar discussing Climate Justice.

 From a range of young perspectives, this webinar addressed questions such as:

  • How can we promote open dialogue between young people in different contexts?
  • What misconceptions might hinder the potential value of partnership in climate efforts?
  • What impact has colonisation had on Malawian agency in setting its own climate agenda and what might a country like Scotland be able to do to mitigate this?
  • What does ‘Black Lives Matter’ mean for Malawi’s climate efforts?
We're also thrilled to announce that Dani's podcast on the topic is now available on YouTubeSpotifyiTunes and wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Watch the highlights here