SMP Members' meeting with new British High Commissioner

7 Dec 2016

We were delighted to welcome Holly Tett to Scotland on the 6th and 7th December, as part of her induction as incoming British High Commissioner to Malawi.  During this visit Holly and Nancy Benham (FCO Malawi Desk Officer) took part in a round-table meeting with SMP members on Wednesday 7th December 2016, 13.30 - 15.15.

All members were invited to join the meeting and 25 organisations were specifically invited to represent the 13 major areas of partnership between Scotland and Malawi.  After listening to Holly Tett's priorities as incoming High Commissioner, each SMP organisation gave a short introductory brief about their work with Malawi.

Both Holly Tett and Nancy Benham were delighted to meet SMP members and extremely grateful for the input to Holly's pre-departure preparations.

The SMP has been proud to help support the induction of each new British and Malawian High Commissioner over the last decade, and we are grateful for the close relationship our members have with the FCO and DFID.

Like her predecessors, we have no doubt that Holly Tett will prove an outstanding British High Commissioner to Malawi.  She is keen to learn as much as possible and get to know those involved in UK-Malawi links.  She is posting fantastic videos to her Twitter feed (@HollyTett) which gives members a great chance to get to know Holly even if they couldn’t make it to this round-table meeting. Highly recommended.

We're working closely with Holly in London and Simon Mustard in Lilongwe and are extremely grateful for the time they have both made to engage the SMP and our members.  We wish Holly every success and happiness as she takes over as British High Commissioner from January 2017.