SMP Business, Investment, Trade and Tourism Forum

4 Nov 2015

The next meeting of the Scotland-Malawi Business, Investment, Trade and Tourism (BITT) Forum will be combined with the Cross Party Group on Malawi with the aim of exploring how the international development sector, civil society and the private sector can work in partnership together, towards identifying and realising opportunities for inclusive and sustainable economic development in Malawi.

Venue: Scottish Parliament

Date: Wednesday 4th November

Time: 1.30pm-3pm

This joint meeting will focus on:

(1) sharing learning from key successes, through a number of illustrated case studies - ‘10 Case Studies for 10 Years’;

(2) ‘Aspirations for 2025’ - projecting forward to map where we, in partnership with our colleagues in Malawi, would aspire to be in the next 10 years, in terms of Scotland-Malawi partnerships in the private sector, and capturing which actions are required to achieve this, see outline agenda attached.

The meeting will be attended by Scottish MSPs, business leaders from the Scottish private sector, Scotland Malawi Partnership members active in sustainable economic development and other interested stakeholders. We really hope you can join for what promises to be a very engaging and fruitful discussion.

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If you are interested in contributing a case study for the event please get in touch with Keith as soon as possible.